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Nic Ritter 6/2017

nic ritter, drummer for WarbringerJune 3o, 2017 – Nic Ritter (Warbringer) was born Nicholas Dieter Ritter on April 13, 1981 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There is very little published about Nic Ritter beyond the little over 2 years that he played drums for Southern California metal trash band “Warbringer” and another short stint in 2008 with the band Prototype.

Best known as drummer with Warbringer, Nic joined this latter band in 2008, replacing previous drummer Ryan Bates.

He recorded with them their highly acclaimed second album “Waking Into Nightmares” which received phenomenal reviews from metal magazines and online forums around the world. In support of the album the band toured around the globe incessantly with some 300 shows a year. When Ritter fractured his arm in 2009 and was unable to perform, Warbringer recruited Epicurean’s drummer John Gensmer to fill in.

A roster artist for Pearl Drums, Nic Ritter was regarded as a very capable drummer, but the almost constant touring, as with any band, created interpersonnel problems and after trekking across the US with Vader and Decrepit Birth and multi-platinum metal act Megadeth, Ritter’s last show with Warbringer was in January 2011. Nic was followed up by Carlos Cruz (In Misery, War Ensemble, Hexen)

Since then Nic Ritter had been keeping busy with his death/grind side-project, Bodybag Johnny, when news erupted that he had died by drowning in a pool on July 3, 2017. He was 36.

Warbringer vocalist John Kevill reported that Nic Ritter drowned in his pool

Kevill says: “Got some awful news last night – Nic Ritter has died. I spent about two years on the road with this guy and probably played about 400 gigs with him. It really shook me up to hear he is gone.

“I had spoken to him recently but not seen him for many years and I’m kicking myself for it now. I will make a proper tribute when I’ve collected my thoughts a bit and learned more of the circumstances.

“As of now, what I know is that he drowned in his pool. I wish I knew more, hopefully will find out soon.

“Very sad day. I wish I had got the chance to hang and catch up on old times. We never did.”

His drum performance on “Waking into Nightmares” pushed the standard of technicality and musicianship in Warbringer to a new level and helped to shape the identity of the band to what it is today. He was an absolutely stellar player who in my opinion is a true innovator in thrash metal drumming.

Sadly, “Waking into Nightmares” is, to the best of my knowledge, his sole recorded musical legacy. Shame that he never played on another record, at least I know he was very proud of our work on that one.
Rest easy, old buddy

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