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Every time Stevie Ray hit a note, lightning bolts struck down
Freddie Mercury, gifted by the Gods of Showmanship
Kurt Cobain, The Voice of a Generation
Jerry Garcia closed the door behind Psychedelic Jambands

Rock music between the mid 1950s and the 1990s, drove our culture. More than ever before in history was a human generation defined by music, as Rock and Roll became the soundtrack of our lives. It changed and over time defined politics, commerce, industry, transportation, communication, social interaction and education.

For 40 years it guided our sense of values, what was waste, what was cool and what was not. The guitar was cool. Rock and Roll was driven by the advance of the electric guitar. It demanded attention, even if only because of the volume and reach. It guided the best educated generation in history into adult hood.

But when our generation became too overly self important and self indulgent, Rock and Roll lost its driving cultural influence.

By the 1990s, as one generation handed the musical torch to a new generation, rock had been bent and bullied into new music genres, promoted by different music distribution platforms and rapidly advancing entertainment technology outlets, and we kind of turned away from rock as if it were a youthful indiscretion.

And then, as history usually goes, we turned old enough to remember the power of rock and roll in our younger years and we created niche markets for rock to live in, at least for the remainder of our years.


2017, at least for me, gave a clear indication that Rock is now inevitably moving into niche markets, almost exclusively serving the baby boomer generation. 

Rock Stars that died in 2017: In important ways rock died in 2017 as many backbone musicians moved to Paradise. Magnificent drummers and bass players that formed the engine rooms for so many famous rock songs, died in 2017.