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Apr 302016

Speedy_KeenMarch 21, 2002 – John “Speedy” Keen  was born on March 29th 1945. Speedy  became vocalist, songwriter and drummer for Thunderclap Newman, a band The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend created in 1969, to play and record songs written by ‘Speedy’ who had been The Who’s roadie and chauffeur for Peter.

Originally Peter Townsend played bass for the band under the pseudonym Bijou Drains. Speedy wrote The Who’s “Armenia City in the Sky”, the only song The Who ever performed that was specifically written for the group by a non-member.

Speedy’s mega hit song “Something In The Air” appeared on the soundtracks of the films The Magic Christian (1969), The Strawberry Statement (1970) Kingpin (1996), Almost Famous (2000), The Dish (2000) and The Girl Next Door (2004). Speedy went on to be record producer for The Heartbreakers and Motörhead.

He died suddenly of heart failure at age 57 on march 21, 2002 .